Noelia Bustamante

Noelia Bustamante

Bathroom Design Lead

Noelia was born in Argentina and went on to study Environmental Engineering in Bolivia. Since she was a child she has had a passion for art and design. After a year of interning at the Northern Virginia Soil & Water Conservation District of Fairfax she decided to follow her artistic passion and pursue kitchen and bath design. While starting her career in kitchen and bath design at a large retailer she learned the foundations of the industry which included design guidelines, sales and project management.   In addition, Noelia educated herself in the industry by participating in evening college courses, seminars, tradeshows, conventions and product trainings at every opportunity.

Her interest in kitchen and bath design only grew and she began to seek a design firm with a custom design driven approach, which would allow her to further develop her design creativity and career.  Noelia joined Jennifer Gilmer Kitchen & Bath in 2017 and is currently taking a lead on bathroom design as well as working directly with Meghan Browne on project management.

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