Modern Kitchen and Bathroom in Arlington, Virginia

This extraordinary master bathroom is a part of an extremely ambitious new home. The client desired to live in a space that feels almost like inhabiting a piece of art… and it is truly the way one feels as they float effortlessly through this house. This bathroom is approached directly from a floating glass staircase, into the master suite – and then the bathroom leads back into an adjoining wardrobe room. The way one is able to move fluidly through these spaces served as my design inspiration for this bathroom concept – which literally challenges traditional thinking about boundaries.

The color palette in this space is intentionally tone-­‐on-­‐tone, white-­‐on-­‐white, with textural changes. This creates an ethereal atmosphere, and creates a floating sensation. The incredible feature in this room, is that the toilet closet and the shower enclosure are both created in symmetrical Starphire Glass. With the help of some strategic fog texture around the toilet, there is separation and privacy, without defined boundaries. Light and texture are allowed to pass through.

A custom-­‐designed sitting bench literally pierces the perimeter of the shower, further challenging the idea of that boundary, and lending a sculptural element. Glazed metal sinks seem to dip fluidly and seamlessly into the quartz countertops. And – who could resist the call of the incredible cast volcanic limestone bathing tub by Victoria & Albert… positioned perfectly under a large window, allowing the bather to feel they might be outside, in the trees. It’s a space to dream, a space to rejuvenate… and it transcends all boundaries.

Project Year: 2013
Country: United States

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