Transitional Kitchen Design with Zinc Accents in Alexandria, Virginia

Alexandria, Virginia Transitional Kitchen Design with Intriguing Zinc Accents by #MeghanBrowne4JenniferGilmer.

JGKB partnered with Thorsen Construction to create this reworked space. The doorway entrance from the garage was awkwardly placed in the center of the kitchen, essentially dividing it in two, leaving tablespace on one side and the working part of the kitchen relegated to the other half. The connection to the adjoining family room was tenuous. The working part of the kitchen was isolated, with no sightlines, because the table area looked into the family room.

Taking a holistic approach to space, we moved the doorway to the garage first and created a new entrance with a mini-mud room with shelving and catch-all space that helps contain clutter as people enter the home. With the doorway removed from the center of the kitchen, we were also able to create an expansive countertop run with the zinc hood and blue range centered in the space for an ideal work zone.

On the adjacent wall, we simply replaced the windows with shorter windows to allow for the sink to sit underneath and overlook the backyard. The soffit above the sink could not be removed. Rather than breaking up the rhythm of the kitchen with differing height cabinets, we took this as an opportunity to make that wall feel like a window niche. We flanked the left side with the fully integrated refrigerator/freezer and the right side with an open cabinet and deep appliance garage extending down to the countertop, cladded the soffit with paneling and added sconces on each side to complete the niche.

Photography by Bob Narod.

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