Contemporary Kitchen in Potomac, Maryland


The client needed to redo her kitchen since her builder grade cabinets were literally falling off of the wall! The town house is a traditional style, however, this client had a hip contemporary style of her own and wanted a cutting edge design. 

The original design had an island that was going in the opposite direction than what we ended up with in the new kitchen design. This left the table area very vacuous where the wasted space was no man’s land. 

By turning the island and by moving the table space out of the window area to the back of the island, we utilized this lost space and designed a much more sociable area. 

The client wanted double ovens, however, the double ovens just didn’t seem to fit with the sleek kitchen that was evolving. We decided to use two single ovens, side by side, with large shelves above for all of her interesting object d’arts that she picks up all over the world. Her work requires that she travels to the most exotic places. 

The balance created by the sink to island to lights and table creates a very soothing space to linger and admire. It’s this kind of balance that makes one kitchen stand out from the other where this may not have been taken into consideration. Although she selected a darker cabinet, the amazingly beautiful Mother of Pearl granite and frosted glass tiles brightened up everything just enough.

Project Year: 2007
Country: United States

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