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Jennifer Gilmer Kitchen & Bath specializes in Home Design & Remodeling Services throughout the USA, our experts trusted for over 20 years. We provide the very best in custom kitchen remodeling services. Giving attention to every detail, we deliver the highest in quality renovations bringing your style and vision to life! Let us renovate the heart of your home, the place where every one will commune. Let’s renovate your home!

Home Design & Remodeling Services in Chevy Chase, MD with Jennifer Gilmer Kitchen & Bath

Our Reviews

  • Jennifer Gilmer Kitchen & Bath has amazing showrooms with incredible, top of the line appliances and countertops! I worked with Jennifer on a project a few months ago and it was a great experience. I can say with certainty that JGKB is one of the top and modern K&B remodelers in the USA. I highly recommend their services.

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  • I have worked with Jennifer Gilmer Kitchen & Bath on various projects since 2004, beginning with a complete remodel and addition to Jennifer's own house. We worked collaboratively on all aspects of her project. Since that time, we have done many projects together.

    Jennifer is a great design talent, merging her facility with being able to design in any style with her extraordinary knowledge of and insights into the "mechanics" of great kitchen design. She is a nimble designer, able to work with clients and their goals on their terms. One of the more remarkable things about Jennifer is her ability to think "on the spot", reviewing options during even the first consultation with a client.

    She and her design and management staff deliver service from the conceptual beginnings of a project, all the way through the design and construction phases of a project, working with clients and design team members in a collaborative manner. I highly recommend Jennifer Gilmer Kitchen & Bath!

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    Amy E Gardner
  • Our kitchen designer was Sarah Turner and she was a pleasure to deal with and she did a fantastic job. She offered us a truly unique idea which made our kitchen larger than we believed possible and gave us much more storage space than expected. She suggested a waterfall table at the end of an island, which enables us to seat 3 for meals and extended the work area when necessary. In a different but complimentary stone, the island is a conversation piece. From the floor to ceiling, everything chosen was perfect. Her suggested general contractor was a pleasure to deal with and took care of everything. Despite timing issues working at a condo, he was able to have the job done on time and we moved in on the date we had projected. We would highly recommend Sarah for anyone wishing to have a non traditional approach to redesigning a kitchen.

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    Gary Langbaum
  • I have worked with Jennifer Gilmer Kitchen & Bath on several projects. They are kind, creative, and collaborative. I love working with Sarah because she is knowledgable and responsive. It is always a pleasure working with them. Their showroom is a fantastic resource with several up to date installations that keep us inspired!

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    Camille Dykes
  • We recently did a complete kitchen remodel with the incredible design work of Meghan Browne from Jennifer Gilmer Kitchen & Bath. She did an incredible job of listening to our needs, evaluating our style sense, and finding solutions that maximized our space while making sure the kitchen matched the rest of the house. She introduced us to a great contractor as well that implemented her vision. We couldn’t have been happier with this process. The end result is way better than we could have imagined!

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    Janaki Kates

Our Remodeling Process

Initial consultation for your Home Design & Remodeling Services Needs

Client meets with designer to get an idea of the scope of the project, to prepare an initial layout, and to estimate the cost of the job. At the end of the meeting, the client is presented with our retainer agreement.



The designer and/or design associate will meet you at your home to take detailed measurements of the space.

New Construction

The designer and/or design associate will contact your architect or contractor for dimensioned plans. Once the framing is up, the job site will be measured and drawings revised to the actual field dimensions.

Design meetings

Design meetings will take place with a designer and/or design associate in our showroom. This process may take 4-8 weeks depending on schedule availability and how quickly design decisions are reached. After each meeting, drawings are revised to reflect the decisions about your project.

Retainer agreement

When the client decides to sign the retainer agreement and pay the required fee, the project will be officially underway.


Based on the architect’s plans and / or the actual measurements, our CAD specialists draft the space and the design process gets underway. These drawings will become more and more detailed as the meetings progress.

Cabinet contract

Once the design is agreed upon, a visit to the house with our recommended contractor or your general contractor is the next step.  Cabinets are priced along with a complete job estimate based on actual materials or with an allowance. The client signs a contract for cabinetry and pays the 50% cabinet deposit. The client receives a copy of the plans and the design associate processes the cabinet order. If you need a copy of the plans prior to placing your cabinet order, an additional deposit will be required.

Choosing appliances and other materials

After your cabinet order has been processed, we will help you select and confirm other materials, such as counter tops, tiles, lighting, hardware, plumbing supplies and flooring. We do not charge an additional fee or an hourly rate for   this service, but if we spend time helping you to make your selections, we expect you to purchase them through us. We cannot be held responsible for any products that you purchase on your own, and it is essential that you inform us of any purchases you make that could affect the design of your kitchen.

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