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Contemporary Master Bathroom in Reston, Virginia

Photography by Keiana Photography

New Yorkers by heart this young family needed a local place close to their growing Washington, DC business. After moving in, a damaging flood destroyed part of their existing kitchen and the floors throughout. The damage was so extensive that all the cabinets had to be removed in the kitchen.  Knowing that they weren’t going to be living here full time and wondering how they should design the new kitchen around their growing family they contacted us to see how we could make this dark, cherry filed, builder-grade kitchen feels more uptown.

Under the existing floor was 18” of solid concrete that didn’t allow us to move or add electrical or plumbing. With that in mind, we kept to the existing mechanical locations but were able to move things around on each run. We specified a mix of textured laminate, which provides very low maintenance in terms of clean-ability, and high gloss melamine cabinets. High gloss cabinets reflect light, the new light bleached French oak floors keep the light going throughout. The backsplash was especially fun in its simplicity. White Marble 12×12 riles were etched in think lines and then painted with a brass paint to create mall lines and textural interest. A thick floating Wenge island top looks like it floats effortlessly over the seating and adds some warmth on the arms of those seated there. We paneled all the appliances we could so avoid swaths of stainless in an otherwise small space. Appliance garage hides the coffee maker and the microwave is tucked away on the backside of the island.

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