Modern Kitchen in Washington, D.C

Design by Sarah Turner

Photography by John Cole

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Our clients had the luxury of living in the condo for several years before deciding to renovate. Although the kitchen wasn’t that old the layout was impractical for anyone who cooks a lot. Cabinets were not laid out so that “like items” were together. This forced the homeowner to traverse the kitchen unnecessarily as she tried to cook. Although we didn’t increase the footprint of the kitchen we were able to make use of space that was not previously utilized thus increasing the amount of cabinetry. We added shallow depth pantry cabinets to a wall that was furred out from the adjoining condo and flipped the fridge with the range. Now 2 people can cook and prep without being in each others way.

Function aside, the clients also tasked us to maximize their spectacular views of the Washington Monument and the Potomac River. We rotated the island so guest could be engaged with the goings on in the kitchen while enjoying the views. We added texture and volume with interesting material choices and repeated the square pattern of the metal exterior windows in a dramatic series of mahogany pantry doors. The addition of Red Leather cabinet doors on the island adds a fun twist to the kitchen island. Now an open concept kitchen can be enjoyed from the living room and integrate seamlessly into its surrounding spaces. 


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