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Traditional Kitchen Remodel by Jennifer Gilmer in Chevy Chase, MD.

A galley kitchen can be the most functional kitchen layouts, allowing you to pivot from one work station to the next with minimal movement. Unfortunately, galley kitchens can also easily feel long, narrow and confining, which is exactly how you felt walking into the client’s existing dark kitchen.

We set out to create a more open feeling kitchen while using the same footprint by including different finishes and design details to separate the spaces. We started by creating a focal hutch piece in contrasting soft grey/blue finish complete with a plank board backsplash, glass doors, and hutch ends, all details complimenting the colonial-style home. The depth of this hutch piece was reduced just 3”, setting it apart from the rest of the cabinetry on that wall. This visual separation creates a new section of the kitchen, rather than just one continuous run of white cabinets.  

The backsplash features a textured white glazed brick tile, uninterrupted by receptacles because we used plug mold that runs underneath the wall cabinets. The countertop is polished White Delicatus granite that follows the contour of the sink and hutch. Both surfaces reflect the natural light pouring in from a newly enlarged window over the sink, creating the light, airy kitchen we set out to design.  

Contracted by Paul Lappas. Photography by Bob Narod.


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