Transitional Family Kitchen Design in Potomac, Maryland

The original kitchen, while large, did not meet the needs of this busy family with an avid cook and food blogger at the cooking helm. Simple design changes created a large impact on the way the kitchen functions and how it flows with the rest of the home. The original footprint featured 2 small openings leading to a hallway and to the living room. By closing off the hallway opening and expanding the opening to the living room, we immediately gained an open flow between the kitchen and living room without sacrificing wall space for storage. A high priority was placed on designing a kitchen that promotes healthy eating.

We settled on a large 36” all-refrigerator for storing plenty of fresh food and separate 30” freezer drawers. In addition to double ovens, we also added a steam/speed oven on the back wall which makes steaming food a breeze. The hood features custom carved corbels to the countertop with shelving for oils and spices and a pop of an arabesque patterned backsplash. The warm grey/green color in tile backsplash ties in with the White Macaubas Quartzite countertop and the finish of the island, pantries, and bar. Peruvian walnut was used for the seating end of the island, which adds warmth to the kitchen. The beams across the cathedral ceiling were added to draw your eye up to the high ceilings and create visual interest. Photography by Bob Narod.


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